Here you go kiddies. MP3's of some tunes. Feel free to pass them around - and if you like them, howzabout buying the CD!

Sample of the songs on the new album "Below and Beyond". 5.9 meg
Sad Girls - from the 2005 compilation "Twin Town High". 4.6 meg
From the CD "Time Well Wasted".
stereo MP3 128 kbps, 4.8 meg (it's a long song...)

You can also find the discs at fine Minneapolis metro independent record stores (Electric Fetus, Cheapo, Let It Be, Oarfolkjokeopus, and Roadrunner) and then we'd actually get paid more than $4! Cool.

Oh, and while we're at it request the Missile at your local college radio station, or on the fabulous, now 1 year old Current. They do have it! Really. They're starting to know my face at the local post office from all the mailers I'm sending out.


Unguided Missile
CD's available at local record stores and now online!
Below and Beyond cover
New CD "Below and Beyond": $10

New CD - Time Well Wasted
Our 1st CD "Time Well Wasted": $10
Also available online at!
Crazy Beast