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Friday, Feb 17 2012 - CD Release show 331 Club
With Story of the Sea and Toby Thomas Churchill (Duluth). We play at 11:30pm

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NEW CD "Below and Beyond"!
CMJ #16 Top Add - February 15th. Streaming online at (Florida), M3 Radio (New York) and Radio XY (Vancouver).

Editors choice at CNet. "Minneapolis' Unguided Missile forges a pact twixt Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr., Nirvana, and the Meat Puppets."

KRTU Radio - San Antonio Texas, April 2005 Review This album is a power-packed punch in the gut to most modern indie-rock listeners. It provides a raw depth often lacking in recent releases. The album is reminiscent of some old favorites like Dinosaur Jr. and the MC5, but there’s no need to look to the past for nostalgia rock. This album contains a provocative sound that you’ll never want to forget.

And my personal favorite review:
Maximum Rock and Roll, June 2005:
"There are two songs on here that shake themselves out of their meandering 'indie' doze hard enough to rock..."

Pulse of the Twin Cities says: "A carefully contained 10 round clip of raw riff-rock revelry that hits with both wallop and wit. In only 35 minutes we get a stiff dose of evil blues and black humor..."

Rift Magazine (03/2005): "Think of an old school punk band, like the Sex Pistols or the UK Subs. Now give that band a vocalist who sounds like a young Mick Jagger. Unguided Missile combines the above, along with razor-sharp lyrics and a smartass delivery..."

CD's available at local record stores and now online!
Below and Beyond cover
New CD "Below and Beyond": $10
New CD - Time Well Wasted
Our 1st CD "Time Well Wasted": $10
Also available online at!